Deleted data files (images, movies, music and also other files) off LG cell phones SD card and want to retrieve eliminated photos, movies, songs as well as other media files from LG android devices? Well, no problem, you can easlily recover eliminated contents from LG android phone using android data recovery application.

For the reason that in case data files removed, formatted or maybe misplaced on LG phone, they are not erased from the memory card inside of the smartphone truly. The system will make the deleted files as another format, that is cannot be seen and unavailable. And also space of missing data files has become for fresh data. Which makes it important to stop utilizing the LG cellphone at once to avoid new files for being written to the state where the missed data occupied before. Find a good Android data recovery to assist you restore deleted data before they are overwritten by fresh data.

Here we recommend the LG file recovery program: Android data recovery for Windows and Android data recovery for Mac. Both of the software are dependable and professional. They are utilized to retrieve deleted data from LG phone, no matter what you remove, format or lost them due to other reasons. And you are not asked to be technologically experienced. You can easlily complete the whole recovery in just 4 steps.


download download


Step 1: Connect your LG phone to a pc

When you finish downloading and installing program on the computer, run it and youll be asked to connect your LG device to the computer through USB cable.

Tip: Ensure your smartphone and the computer are connected, or else, the task will be ended half the way. And then your LG phones data may get lost when your USB cable was unconnected during the process.


Step 2: Enable USB debugging of your LG mobile

Later, the tool will ask you to enable the USB debugging in case you havent do this before. If you have already enabled USB debugging of the Phone, please bypass the step and go to the next step. Different operating-system have different setting method.

By the way, when you would like to scan some of the Android data, you could select the responsible data you prefer then click next to go on.

preview sms

Choosing a scan mode can help save time. You can choose Scan for Deleted Files.

preview sms

Step 3: Analyze and Scan your Device for Lost Data

You will see the bellowing window right after you have enabled your Lg phone USB debugging. Click Start to allow your device to be scanned and once the program has analyzed the pevice, it starts to scan the deleted files.


Step 4: Preview and Restore Lost LG Files

Then, youll get your whole data files scanned out and listed in groups. You are allowed to preview all of the scanned contents 1 by 1 based on types. Pick whatever you want to retrieve and tick off them down. After you have everything chosen, hit Recover to begin retrieving your LG removed data files.

preview sms

All right. You can easily take whatever contents back to your device so long as you have backed-up your mobile and have Android Data Recovery to you. This is a time-saving and proficient recovering program that makes you to the awesome data recovering adventure.



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A lot people choose using Sms to making phone calls with their phone.Are you a Galaxy S4 young user? No matter you are or not. In case you ever sent out text messages, its possible you have had unexpectedly removing the sms. What you must do to recover deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5? Dont be in a panic. You can recover them by using an Android recovery tool.

The professional Android Recovery program is quite ease-of-use and it can get back the deleted sms on your Samsung galaxy smartphone very fast. This tool can also restore other misplaced contents as well as contacts, videos, pics, songs, and so on. Keep your Samsung Galaxy data from being over-written is recommened to protect your data. In other words, avoid to up-date your Samsung files as soon as the Android data is deleted and fast fetch Android Data Recovery to get your removed data back.

Free download the Android Data Recovery and set it up on your computer.

dwonload download


Step 1: Connect your Samsung device to your pc

Double click the programs icon on the pc to install and launch it. You will come to the primary screen, which will prompt you to connect your Android phone to PC by using an USB cable.


Step 2: Enable USB debugging on your Samsung Galaxy

If you have not opened the USB debugging option yet, this program will ask you to do it now. And there are 3 ways to enable USB debugging for different Android version.

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter Settings < Press Applications < Click Development < Check USB debugging

2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter Settings < Click on Developer options < Check USB debugging

3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter Settings < Hit About Phone < Tap Build number for several times until getting a note You are under developer mode < Back to Settings < Click Developer options < Check USB debugging

usd deugging

Step 3: Analyze and scan the Samsung Galaxy for misplaced sms

So now the software needs to analyze the phone before scanning it, you are able to hit Start on the window to start it.

Then get back your device . Here you have to turn to your mobile and press Allow to allow the Superuser Request. Then click on Start on the programs screen to start scanning your Samsung galaxy.


Step 4: Preview and bring back deleted Samsung messages

Once the scan is done, it is easy to preview the whole SMS contents in the scan result in a list. You can preview all of them one by one and choose what you want to recover and click Recover icon to store them as a HTML file on the computer.

preview sms

Aside from that, you can preview and restore contacts, songs, pictures and movies , as well as you do with the messages. Contacts can be kept as CSV, VCF and HTML files on your pc.

As a matter of fact, contents on Huawei cellphone may be easily missing because of various reasons, such as system crime, accidental deletion, virus infection, data formatting, etc. And so, it is extremely important to backup files including contacts and sms from Huawei phone to computer so that you can find those important data with ease regardless of time, place and battery.

We will offer you a useful software MobileTrans to fix the matter. With it, you can not just back up and restore your Huawei device, but also copy contacts, sms messages, call logs, photos, audio, movie and apps between iPhone, Android and Nokia (Symbian) phones in only one-click!


download win version

Notice For Mac user:

If you want to backup and restore your Huawei Android device, dwonload MobileGo for Android (Mac) here.

If you want to transfer data between Huawei phone and other phone, you can download Mobiletrans (Mac) here.



1. How to Backup files from Huawei phone to computer

Select Backup your phone mode in the home page. After that there will list the data such as contacts, text messages, photo, music, video, etc. that you can backup from Huawei smartphone to pc, simply mark that you want to backup and press Start copy.


2. How to restore data from pc to Huawei mobile

Hit Restore from Backups in the home page. Select a backup format from the drop down list, then youre in the restore mode. So there will list the data that you can restore from computer to your cellphone, just tick off exactly what you need to restore and click Start copy.


3. How to transfer data from Huawei to a new phone

Connect two mobile to computer, and choose Phone to phone transfer mode in the homepage, next you will be in the phone transfer scream. Huawei device is listed in the place of Source and the other phone is listed in the Destination, the data will move from Source to Destination.(If you like transfer data from the other device to Huawei cellphone, click Flip.) So now, just tag what wish to transfer and press Start copy.

transfer data between phones

Spotify provides a new way for music fans to acquire a lot of music and songs. Its a wonderful music software that you could enjoy music on the internet, buthow to save Spotify to MP3 files on your computer to ensure you can play it offline?

Well, this article will reveal you a easy method to get music download from Spotify with a Spotify ripper software. If have searched with Google, you most likely have got several methods to do it, some are straightforward and the others need extra pc skill-sets. I have used them but I find out the way is the easiest. Simply follow the detailed tutorial as below

spotify downloader for iphone, tablet


Get Streaming music recorder here (for Windows users only). If you are a Mac user, you can get the Mac version here.


Step 1: Install the software

After downloading, install and release it.


Step 2: Begin to rip Spotify to MP3

After you enter into the primary interface, what you should do is to click the Record button on the upper-left corner. Then, find and enjoy the Spotify song you would like to record in your browser.

Contacts is one of the most important data in peoples phone, most people have at least 200 contacts in their phone. People who possess a Nokia phone asked me how can they transfer all their contacts from current Nokia phone to a new Android device straight? Really, it is a waste of time to transfer hundreds contacts to the new mobile one-by-one.

I would suggest you guys a quick however useful phone data transfer tool Mobiletrans. You simply need 1 click, simple method to Transfer Contacts from Nokia Phone to Android device. Remarkable?



More feature for the Mobiletrans:

1. In addition to contacts, you can transfer other data including sms message, call logs, pictures, music, movies and apps without any risk or loss of quality.

2. With the program you can transfer to multiple devices. Copy any content you would like shared among different devices as Android, iOS and Symbian. Move your data from old phones to new ones, despite which cell service the phones have.

3. You can move all you content between any supported phones that on set to any network. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and more without inconvenience.

4. You can easily back up the content on your iPhone, Android device, or Nokia phone to the pc, keeping all the important data such as contacts, pictures, sms message, audio, movies, and etc. safe and secured.


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One of the tough aspect of switching your old HTC Phone to Samsung Galaxy mobile is moving your contacts but have on idea to obtain it done. In truth it is simple at all.

The post is to show you the best ways to move contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/Note in one click with a pro phone transfer software.

Permit me tell you more about the wonderful program. Wondershare MobileTrans is a professional third-party phone information transfer tool, that can support more than 2,000 mobile like Android, Symbian, and iOS. With its assistance, you can sync any data like contacts, SMS, songs, images, movies between any 2 mobile.


Following is a simple guide on how to transfer contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/Note.

Step 1: Connect HTC phone and Samsung phones with your computer.

Launch the software then connect both the two mobiles to your pc through USB cable. These 2 phones will be displayed in the primary window as soon as detected by Wondershare MobileTrans. Your HTC phone will show up as Source, while Samsung phone is shown as Destination. Click on the bar Flip, you can switch their places. If you should clear your Samsung Galaxy (Destination phone) prior to data transfer, you can click the button Clear data before copy.

HTC to Samsung

Step 2: Move contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy.

Remove the marks before photos, music, apps and videos before you get going transferring contacts if you just need to sync contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy. Then, you can hit Start Copy and it will work immediately. Just keep both of your devices connected with your PC throughout the whole procedure of copying HTC contacts to Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/Note. Once it is completed, you can click OK to end it.

android to iphone 1

Besides contacts, you can transfer photos, music, movies, call logs and apps between any devices with Wondershare MobileTrans. Isnt that remarkable?

Files erased on a computer could be got back from recycle bin or trash. What about your mobile? What in case you lost data from your Galaxy by mistake? Is that possible to restore missed data from your Samsung Galaxy ? Yes, it can. Similar to computer cell phone deleted data bypassing recycle bin or trash. So, you can still get the lost files back, except if you overwrite on your phone. If you overwrite on Galaxy S3/S4, the data are truly lost permanently. So it suggests stop doing anything when you know your data is losting.

Then, the best ways to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4? This short article aims to fix your problem seriously. We suggest you Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android seriously. This is an all-in-one recuperation program specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. With the help of Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android, you can retrieve your lost contacts, SMS, pictures as well as videos from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 in the most efficient and simplest method.

dwonload download

How to retrieve deleted Photos/Videos from Samsung Galaxy
Step 1: Install and run the program

When you finish downloading the Samsung recovery tool, set up and run it on the computer.
Step 2: Connect Samsung Galaxy to computer and enable USB debugging

Now, connect your Samsung Galaxy device to pc using USB cable. Then the software will let you to Enable USB debugging according to 3 situations:.

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Get in Settings (Click on Applications (Click on Development (Check USB debugging.
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Go into Settings (Click on Developer options (Check USB debugging.
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter Settings (Press About Phone (Tap Build number for some times up until getting a note You are under developer mode (Back to Settings (Click Developer options ( Check USB debugging.

Notice: In case you still get this window and the USB debugging has been enabled, attempt to disable it and reset it again.
Step 3: Begin to analyzing and scan your Galaxy S3/S4
When you see the below picture on your computer, your Galaxy S has been connected to the software successfully. Go next step to analyze your phone data by clicking on Startswitch. Turn to the display of your Galaxy phone now, you will see a request pops up on it. Just pressAllow and Start tab one-by-one, which will allow the software to scan deleted information from your Samsung Galaxy.
Step 4: Preview and retrieve pictures & videos from Galaxy.
At the last step, preview the recoverable file in the category ofGalleryand Videos at the left side of the window, and then check the data you would like recover and hitRecoverto store them on the computer.
After above 4 steps, you will find back all your missed pictures and enjoy your preferred videos again.

There are lot of corporations offer streaming tracks service. You could take pleasure in lots of music online totally free. As well, you can buy tunes for using you MP3 player as you like. But exactly what if you truly like a tune but you can not find the buy link, exactly how to get it since it is streamed music file. A lot of services rely on Flash or JavaScript to complicate URLs and make it hard, though not impossible, to get the actual music.

I got an additional easy solution for that. Rather of looking for the download link, you can record it while playing it. So, whats the finest streaming recorder tool? At this site, I suggest Wondershare streaming recorder. It can record music from YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Napster, Rhapsody, Grooveshark and more, and conserve them as WMA files. (See a example of how to transform Grooveshark to mp3).


Download it here  ( Windows version)   If you are a Mac  user, you can get  Mac version here.


As a professional streaming recorder, it gives some useful features:

1. Wisely acknowledge song and search details like artist, album cover & name automatically. You can also add MP3 tags manually.

2. Split tracks between tunes and filter out advertisements while recording. All we know, the complimentary streaming tracks typically place voice ADs in between 2 songs. This device will remove it immediately and you get songs that you want absolutely nothing else.

3. Add the recorded music to your iTunes Library. If you are a iTunes users, this feature will be really useful for you, just click the songs that you desire and send out to your iTunes library.

Sounds good? Get it a try. Its free for recording, but you have to pay ($19.00) if you want to work with above wonderful features. The great news is I got the coupon code for Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder (save $5.70 USD for you. Now just$13.30 USD.).

If youre looking for a Spotify ripper program and how to use it then you are actually in the right place. There are several applications that could rip Spotify songs on your pc. Right here, I would highly recommend Spotify ripping program. This software can easy to rip Spotify songs to the PC Harddisk and save Spotify as .mp3 Music format for enjoying on portable music players like iPod, Zune, Sony Walkman to appreciate music wherever you prefer.


That Spotify Ripper is accessible here by pressing the above link. After downloading, put in and release it.


Get Streaming music recorder Now   Mac users  Get  Mac version here


Begin to convert Spotify to MP3


Just after you enter into the primary interface, what you need to do is to click the Record button on the upper-left corner. Then, find and enjoy the Spotify song you want to record in your browser.

As soon as the Spotify song starts to play through the computers sound card, this smart software will quickly detect and record the audio. Therefore in order to record it without other sound, be sure there is no music playing. When the Spotify music is over, you could click on the Record button once again to end the process.


Note: To convert Spotify music to MP3 like this, you dont have to select MP3 as the output format. The software could convert Spotify music to MP3 automatically during recording. If you wonder where the MP3 file is stored on your computer, just right-click the recorded track in Library and next choose the Open in folder option.

Have you ever been anxious about one thing? In wrong cases, as jailbreak, iOS devices crash, erase information from your iPhone by touching the screen the wrong way and so on, your files is deleted. However dont worry. Here we advise a Data Recovery tool for iPhone to fix this trouble, this iPhone Data Recovery is a qualified professional and effective application designed to recover data from iOS handset, that can help you easily retrieve photos, videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, etc. that you felt you d lost .


This iPhone Data Recovery have both Windows and Mac version, you can download the right version below:

Download Windows version here, and Download Mac version here.
Steps of how to get back iPhone files.
Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

Run the program on your pc, and connect your iPhone to the computer.
Step 2. Scan iPhone to find the lost data.

After connecting your iPhone to the pc, then you just click the Start Scan key on the main window, the recovery program may start scanning your lost files from your devices automatically.
Step 3. Preview and restore lost data from your iPhone.

When you finish scan your iPhone, you can preview all lost data on your iPhone, including contacts, messages, message attachments, call history, camera roll, photo stream, picture library, calendar, notes, reminders, voice memos and safari bookmark. In case you wish to recover all lost files at once, you can choose them all and click Recover button to restore all deleted files with one click, and store them on your personal computer.