Contacts is one of the most important data in peoples phone, most people have at least 200 contacts in their phone. People who possess a Nokia phone asked me how can they transfer all their contacts from current Nokia phone to a new Android device straight? Really, it is a waste of time to transfer hundreds contacts to the new mobile one-by-one.

I would suggest you guys a quick however useful phone data transfer tool Mobiletrans. You simply need 1 click, simple method to Transfer Contacts from Nokia Phone to Android device. Remarkable?



More feature for the Mobiletrans:

1. In addition to contacts, you can transfer other data including sms message, call logs, pictures, music, movies and apps without any risk or loss of quality.

2. With the program you can transfer to multiple devices. Copy any content you would like shared among different devices as Android, iOS and Symbian. Move your data from old phones to new ones, despite which cell service the phones have.

3. You can move all you content between any supported phones that on set to any network. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and more without inconvenience.

4. You can easily back up the content on your iPhone, Android device, or Nokia phone to the pc, keeping all the important data such as contacts, pictures, sms message, audio, movies, and etc. safe and secured.


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